Tuesday, July 17, 2012

look who's back again...

my big fat greek wedding, anyone?

it's true, i suck at this whole blogging thing. to the two of you who read this (especially krystal), i'm going to try really hard to get better at it. i promise. they say if you're going to be really awesome at blogging you should blog everyday. i just don't feel like i can be one of those people. so i guess my alternative is every few months? not really, that's stupid. anyway, if you were concerned, you really haven't missed much. the big change in my life is that i got a real grown-up job! yay! i have a desk and a descent paycheck and everything! woohoo! i'm now working as an intensive in home therapist for therapeutic alternatives. i'm working with kids and teens and their families - going into their homes and providing therapy, psychoeducation, and case management. all the kids have a mental health diagnosis (typically depression, bipolar, oppositional defiant disorder, schizoaffective disorder, etc.) and many have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse. it's definitely a challenging job but i'm so excited about working with youth again. i've been doing a lot of training and i will finally being doing visits on my own this week. yippee!

again, i'm going to work really hard at being better at this! say a prayer for me!