Tuesday, February 26, 2013

35 & 36 weeks!

35 weeks! 
and 36!
what’s new with baby: olivia is now about 6 pounds and 18 and 1/2 inches long. she's shedding her downy hair coating and the waxy substance that's been protecting her in the amniotic fluid all this time! sounds to me like she's about ready to come out! she was head down at my 36 week check-up but there were no other indications that she's ready to meet the world. 

what’s new with mom: mom is exhausted and emotional. this week has been stressful and i'm getting more uncomfortable and my ankles have started to swell this week. boo. in addition to being super pregnant, i started a new job this week! i hadn't mentioned it before, but yes, i've started training for a new PRN therapist job. the timing of all of this has been very stressful for me, but i felt like god was telling me to take a leap of faith and move forward with this opportunity. and the fact that it's PRN means i'll be able to be home a lot and work a little once olivia is here, until i feel ready to try to get promoted to full time (3 days a week at this job!) or look for something else. so yeah, with a new job comes lots of training... and i've just been pooped. 

wardrobe: i should just delete this. 

cravings: all things indian and international. super excited about my upcoming bday dinner - thai! yummy! 

anything hard? just being exhausted with this whole job thing. and the fat ankles are stressing me. and being in crazy nesting mode so i can hardly relax. (at least i'm productive though!) and sleeping horribly because my back hurts so bad. and the resulting headaches from the back aches. i guess that's all. 

best moment(s) of the week: hmm... well on the 16th we had maternity pictures done by our friend wayne. unfortunately the weather was quite terrible and josh was super tired, but we definitely got some good pictures! i'll do a separate post of my favorites once i get the CD. and this past saturday i hosted a "pinterest project party" for some friends here. i worked on pillow cases for a friend, made the back of olivia's quilt (anyone want to come crawl around on the floor with me to pin it together!?), and worked on a painting for olivia's room. briana made olivia an adorable headband (and a couple for fiona, of course!) and other friends made scarves, coasters, and magnets. it was definitely a fun girl day! i know days like that will be more difficult with a little one so it was nice to do it with just a few weeks to go! but i'm definitely getting super excited and super ready to meet olivia! just a few things to finish in the nursery and then i'll have to do a "nursery tour" post! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

34 weeks!

what’s new with baby: olivia now weighs about 4 and 3/4 pounds and is almost 18 inches long! she is continuing to put on fat and her central nervous system and lungs are developing. fortunately, if olivia was born now, she's likely be just as healthy as any other baby in the long run. this week was also special for olivia because she now has a cousin!!! lily preeti-kay borggren was born on february 10th at 6:23pm (local time) to my sister! she's a little early, and she's currently in the nicu, but her and mom will be just fine! 

what’s new with mom: mom is getting more uncomfortable and more tired unfortunately. my back is hurting a lot and this week has brought the return of an old pal, acid reflux. good times. but overall i'm doing pretty good. i haven't had any swelling, and my weight gain has been pretty much on track. at my check up at the beginning of the week the doctor said everything looked great and i measured 34 cm exactly. and olivia's heartbeat was in the upper 140s. despite no signs of an early delivery, i'm still freaking out about getting everything done asap. within the past couple weeks 3 girls i know have had their babies pretty significantly early, one being my sister! i've been doing lots of baby laundry and organizing, but i still feel overwhelmed with everything i need to get done. ugh. but it will happen. and if for some reason i go into labor and the nursery isn't perfectly organized oh well. as long as olivia is healthy, that's what matters. 

wardrobe: no changes here. 

cravings: i've still been wanting asian food. i think thai or indian is in order for my birthday. 

anything hard? definitely being tired and uncomfortable. i'm not ready for olivia to come yet because the perfectionist in me wants to have everything done before she does. so i'm thankful for the time i still have. but i do feel myself nearing that just-get-out-of-me point. and i'm fighting the urge to just be more irritable in general. poor josh. i'm trying. 

best moment(s) of the week: definitely becoming an aunt is at the top of the list! i'm so excited for my sister and brother-in-law. i know their labor didn't go as planned, but God was definitely working and little lily is going to be as healthy as can be soon. it sucks not being there for sure, but that's just where our lives are right now. they've definitely been in my thoughts and prayers, and hopefully soon we'll all be able to skype! 

i actually found out about lily while josh and i were on our mini babymoon in raleigh, which was another highlight! i had hoped for a long weekend in the snowy mountains, but we just seemed to run out of time. one day... but raleigh was great because i wasn't in the car too long, and we stayed at a nice hotel (for free with points!) and ate a yummy dinner. we also ordered room service and saw a movie sunday afternoon. it was great to get away and relax together before olivia comes! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

baby shower number 3!

my friend briana did an awesome job throwing my 3rd baby shower for our friends here in greensboro! (she's does wedding planning on the side so i'm totally not surprised!) i did a pretty crappy job of documenting who was there, but i did do a good job of taking pics of all the cute decor! that's something, right? 

pink nail polish favors 
presh :) 

doily bunting


onesies hung above the gift table
these onesies were used for a very challenging game! each person snuck one in and then they were all hung up when i wasn't paying attention. i had to guess who brought what onesie! it was fun but definitely challenging! 

close-up of the cute vintage-y fabric backdrop

thanks bri! it was awesome! :) 

Friday, February 8, 2013

32nd & 33rd weeks!

wrapping up the 32nd week! (january 27th)

and the 33rd! (february 3rd) 
what’s new with baby: well, by the end of this week olivia was over 4 pounds and past the 17-inch mark! she's losing her alien/wrinkled look and continuing to grow like a weed! 

what’s new with mom: mom is definitely hitting that tired and uncomfortable phase of pregnancy! i've been requiring more naps and i'm lacking motivation. i have been doing a lot in the nursery, but i feel like my bursts of energy are very short lived and then i'm just forcing myself to do baby laundry, or put the bumper on the crib, or whatever. when i do sleep at night i inevitably have to get up to pee, and then i lie in bed thinking about what i need to be doing and/or toss and turn because i can't get comfortable. good times! 

wardrobe: pretty much all maternity clothes these days. i'm still stretching my jacket over my belly (which miraculously still zips!) and wearing some random big t-shirts and pajama pants. 

cravings: i can't think of anything too crazy here. my milk and cookies craving is starting to subside it seems, and i pretty much just eat whatever sounds good. after sharing my love for amy's wraps in my 31st week post my walmart immediately stopped carrying them. grrr. 

anything hard? just the sleeping and feeling exhausted thing. overall i'm still enjoying being pregnant, i'm so so so so excited about little olivia and i just love thinking about her and praying for her. i'm getting super excited to meet her, but i'm also praying she'll cook until she's fully done of course! 

best moment(s) of the week: lots of fun things happened these couple of weeks, especially my third and final shower in north carolina on the 27th, and then our birth and baby class on the 1st and 2nd. (i'll be documenting the shower in a separate post!) that class was very helpful but man i overwhelmed with everything i need to be doing and learning! yikes! but i can doing this, right? lots of women have had and raised babies, so if they can do it i can do it, right?! sigh.... just 5 and 1/2 weeks to go! (at the point that i'm finally writing this!)