Wednesday, August 31, 2011

why me?

today i'm having one of those "why me!?" sort of days - the long ones where all you want to do is go back to sleep but you have to just keep trudging along, pitying yourself randomly throughout the day. i worked from 5-ll this morning. getting up at 4:30 is never fun, especially after a long day at your internship and evening at small group the day before, and the fact that your body can only fall asleep so early. then i came home briefly and then headed to the mitsubishi dealership in highpoint, about a 30 minute drive. this is becoming quite the regular occurrence because, since paying off the montero in the spring, pretty much everything (okay, that's an exaggeration) has decided to go out at the same time - breaks (expensive), O2 sensors (very expensive), air conditioning (very expensive - still not fixed), etc. i'm tired of spending my afternoons at a car dealership! and did you know that north carolina requires inspections before you can re-register your car after moving from out of state? they do! and boy are they a pain! our registration was due in august, and you can't pass an inspection with a check engine light on, hence the large amounts of money and afternoons in a waiting room... so, i am PRAYING that the other O2 sensors hold out long enough for me to pass an inspection (we've had 2 of 4 replaced) and i am PRAYING that cops are nice if/when they pull me over within the next day or so. AND, while waiting at the dealership, i found out that someone had gotten my debit card and used it on "adult" websites! ugh! luckily wachovia is on top of things and i should be getting a new card soon, but it's still a pain to not have a debit card (especially when you and your spouse have been totally slacking on all things dave ramsey and not carrying cash!). fortunately josh was not 2 hours away and could bring me some cash to the dealership so i could pay them. i've also had a stomach ache and generally felt pretty crappy throughout the day. and i thought my best friend was pregnant and i found out on fb. (luckily that wasn't true but i did cry over it.) and i had one of those, "i'm-horrible-at-this-i-can't-follow-anything!" nights at zumba. (i had never been to that instructor). and so on and so on.

but throughout the day, i have thought, "why on earth am i pitying myself over such trivial things!?!" i am so blessed to have a car (that despite its issues has always gotten me from A to B). and i have a job. and i have money to pay for car repairs, even though it's getting tight around here! so many people would love to have the things i am complaining about! and all around me i know people with serious health problems, serious, big issues going on. my exhaustion and complaints are nothing in comparison to that. so, i guess i just needed to have a little confession to God, and to my blog, apparently! on that note, please say a prayer for my cousins who lost their dad in a horrible car accident over the weekend. the funeral was today.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


since i haven't posted a real blog entry in months, here's a little update about what's going on with me...

this weekend has been a little lonely, with josh leaving for the coast early yesterday morning. he's supposed to get back late tonight. (why did he drive towards the hurricane, you ask? to help with the murphy gas stations that were effected by the storm. fun fun.) irene actually ruined our original plans for the weekend, we were actually going to head home to northern kentucky to surprise my sister for her birthday saturday night and go to josh's grandma's (nonna's) 80th birthday party on sunday. darn you, irene.

so what did i do with a free weekend? (especially since i didn't have to work saturday (which i always do, i traded since we were planning on leaving.) unfortunately i was up pretty early helping josh finish packing and i couldn't get back to sleep. i went to zumba, colored my hair (my grays were out of control!), had yummy frozen yogurt covered in fruit with a friend, mexican food for dinner with another friend, and hung out at home with my cat a lot. today i went to church by myself, zumba again, laundry. wild, i know. i've also done that really boring cleaning up the house, paying bills, grown-up stuff that i have to do every so often. we still need groceries in a serious way, so hopefully i will force myself to do that tomorrow. i've been horrible at cooking lately since i'm so busy (not that you would believe me by the way my weekend sounds), so maybe some yummy ingredients in the refrigerator will motivate me to get in the kitchen! now i'm watching julie and julia on t.v. (even though we have the DVD - i hate when i do that!) and holding my cat. he's good company.

anyway, i'm looking forward to having my husband back. it's funny, because i certainly enjoy having the  alone time every now and then, but then i also miss him like crazy when he's gone. i guess that's what happens when you marry your best friend!

okay so that was pretty boring but oh well! i hope you had a good weekend!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

if you're curious...

you can check out my old blog here!

yes, i've moved!

not to a different state, thank God, just my blog has moved.

why, you ask? well, i feel like i needed a revamp for one thing. i hadn't been posting much lately. of course part of that was just because i was busy, but i also just wasn't feeling the old blog. wordpress also got on my nerves (sorry wordpress). i was done with the layouts, and uploading photos and getting my page to look nice always seemed to be a pain! so here i am at blogger!

as for the new name, if you know me, you know that i am (or was) a perfectionist. it's something i've been struggling with since day one. i do like to think of myself as a RECOVERING perfectionist though, meaning that i'm working on seeking balance and experience more that perfection these days. it's a process. :)

my sister just started a blog, as she is making some big changes in life and i'm insisting that i stay in the know. after months of bugging her she finally started one, so i figure i need to hold up my end of the bargain and blog as well. i hope this will be a way for me to stay in touch with my sister, my family, and my friends all over the country. welcome!