Sunday, June 30, 2013

olivia's 3rd month!

man, i have really got to get better about writing these in a timely fashion! i have no excuse, but i have had a lot on my mind lately so i'll blame it on that. and, as every stay-at-home mom knows, babies are just exhausting! anyway... 

i'm 3 months old! 
 this month brought lots of exciting things, including your first birthday party for your buddy emmett and memorial day. emmett's party was originally going to be a pool party and mom was SO EXCITED to see you in your adorable yellow bathing suit. sadly it ended up being quite cool so you rocked a denim mini skirt and leggings instead. 

chillin' at emmett's
happy memorial day! 
this month also brought lots of fun visitors! "aunt" mindy, "uncle" jason, and "cousin" connor came first. you just loved them all and mindy and jason couldn't get enough of you! jason called you "princess" the entire time they were here! 

lovin' on aunt mindy
after the layman's left nana came for a whole week! you, mom, and nana had lots of fun cooking, sewing, and shopping. nothing too exciting, but it was wonderful to have nana here for so long! nana definitely spoiled mom by being so helpful, and of course she loved holding you and dressing you in frilly outfits! 

nana loves you so much!
after nana left "aunt" jackie, "uncle" matt, and "cousin" lukas came for a long weekend! we had lots of fun going to the nearby park, hanging out, and watching lukas run around! he's so fun! he loved you so much and was slightly disappointed that you weren't more exciting, but he loved to hold you and love on you nonetheless. :) 

so cute! 
happy with uncle matt
the following weekend was daddy's first father's day! we spoiled him with a new blue ray dvd player (!), a couple movies, and some other goodies. and of course mommy cooked lots of yummy food for him! 

we love you, daddy! 
mom insisted on getting a descent family photo since we pretty much don't have any! here we are after church on father's day! 

so cute! 
on your 3rd month birthday we went to the park with briana and fiona! you were very chill but you seem to just love being outside! mom even put you in the swing that you are way too tiny for and pushed you the tiniest bit! you're so cute! 

enjoying the breeze
hanging out with mom
olivia, you are getting more and more fun every month! you smile all the time (except when mom goes to take your picture!) and are starting to giggle. you're also getting better about entertaining yourself now that you are grabbing onto your toys more. in the mornings you love to kick and play with the toys in your pack and play! 

partied too hard this morning :)
you also love to look at yourself in the mirror. it's so cute to watch you smile, looking back and forth between yourself and mom or dad. you still love being held, of course, and being up close to mom in your carrier. you also enjoy looking at the fan, being outside, having your belly kissed, and anything that involves lots of attention. oh! and your favorite song is "head, shoulders, knees, and toes." you crack up every time i wiggle your toes!  

you are also becoming quite the good sleeper! you usually go to bed around 9, wake up around 4 or 5 to eat, and then go back to sleep until around 9! just one nighttime feeding - woohoo! we don't have a great daytime napping schedule figured out, but i can always count on you at least taking a morning nap after you play for about an hour. how you can get tired so close to 12 hours of sleep i have no idea, but whatever makes you happy! you do nap during the afternoon but the length and time varies greatly.

you are still 100% breastfed, and despite my attempts, you are just not into the bottle. mom tried pretty consistently for a couple weeks and then gave up and decided to wait until you got a little older, so we'll see... i really shouldn't complain though because you are a great (and fast!) eater, as evidenced by your plump cheeks and adorable rolls! :) 

seriously how cute are you? 
in addition to "talking" more, batting at your toys, and slobbering, you are rolling onto your belly! it's been obvious for a while now that you prefer to sleep on your belly, so mom started putting you down on your belly for naps and checking on you lots. you were trying to get there yourself at night and for several nights we witnessed you turning in a circle in your crib as you tried to roll over. it was so cute! we thought you might do it while nana was here and one night the three of us (mom, dad, and nana) gathered around your crib waiting for the big moment. it didn't happen, and you ended up getting really frustrated so daddy got you back to sleep. sure enough, within a couple nights of nana leaving (june 10th) you rolled onto your belly yourself, and you haven't looked back since! mom always puts you down on your back but within in seconds you are on your belly! you're getting so big!  

olivia, it's unbelievable how fast you're growing! mom and dad just love everything about you. you are so sweet and fun, and i honestly couldn't imagine my life without you. it's so neat to watch you grow and figure things out - like this month you've really been working on your hand-eye coordination and you can now successfully chew on your hands. before that you would just stare at your hands and sometimes when you would try to get your fist to your mouth it would end up by your ear or eyebrow! how cute! anyway, we love you so much and everyday we thank God for such an amazingly perfect daughter! we're excited to see what fun your fourth month brings!