Friday, April 5, 2013

some more of olivia's firsts!

let's start with olivia's first holiday! of course we didn't venture out with such a young babe, but it was fun none the less! 

the morning started with olivia meeting her cousin lily for the first time! (via skype)

olivia wasn't too enthralled but she did smile a little.

hi lily!

you can meet lily over here at my sister's blog.

later in the day olivia got her first easter basket, complete with a book, stuffed duck, sunglasses, and candy! what more could an eleven day old baby want!?

on olivia's first holiday mom and nana also dressed her up in some easterish garb (we didn't buy a dress when we weren't leaving the house!) and posed her a little for pictures. because that's just good fun! 

here's the first time we caught olivia airing out her chins. how adorable is she!? she slept like this for quite a while! 

 and here's olivia's first time wearing shoes!!!

 i can hardly stand the cuteness!

here's mom and O out for our first walk - and our first time sporting the baby k'tan! it was a success! 

how precious is she!?

i'm just loving life with a new baby! (even though i'm completely exhausted, i feel like a dairy cow, and i'm pretty sure my brain cells all flow out of me in my milk!)