Wednesday, May 22, 2013

olivia's second month!

i'm 2 months old! 

things have changed so much since the last month! i'm happy to report that olivia is sleeping better, smiling lots, and generally seems much happier and more relaxed. of course we still have our rough times and fussy evenings sometimes, but overall, things are going pretty good! olivia's second month saw lots of days home with momma, some serious baby acne (pretty much all cleared up now!), dad's birthday and momma's first mother's day, and a great visit from aunt shell, uncle tim, and my grandparents (olivia's great grands!) last week!

smiling at papa

uncle tim & aunt shell just couldn't get enough of you! 

grandma didn't want to leave you!

olivia, you are sleeping so much better now! mother's day weekend we had a couple 6.5 hour stretches of sleep, and even one 7 hour stretch last week. that's not really typical yet, but you are starting to sleep in your crib longer (like 12 hours!) and just waking up to eat a couple times in the middle of the night. momma likes this! you also nap in the morning and several times in the afternoon!

happy mother's day! 

smiling at daddy :) 

you still love to eat and typically eat every two to three hours during the day. mom thought this was a little excessive, but the doctor said that was still very much normal! you're just a great eater!

dad and i just love that you are smiling more, "talking" quite a bit, and following us with your eyes. you are so fun! you've also discovered your tongue, are making little spit bubbles, and are trying really hard to suck your thumb. sometimes you get it, sometimes you chew on your fingers, and sometimes you just give up and suck on your entire fist.


you love to look around whatever room you're in and you seem very attentive. your favorite things to look at are the pictures on the wall and the bookcase. you seem to like the cookbooks best, i think you like the bright colors. you also love to look at the birds i painted on your wall and the paper mobile i made you when we are hanging out in your room. this makes mom happy! and i like to think that you might be an artist since you seem to like the art and bright colors best, but even if you're not that's okay!

tummy time champ at just 5 weeks 

you still love baths and going for walks! you also like your swing much more now, and you like to lay in your pack and play and look at the toys hanging above you and kick like crazy. and of course you LOVE to be held by pretty much anyone. mom and dad both love to hold you of course. i like to play with your legs and arms and sing silly songs i learned in church growing up, or if you're sleepy just rock you and stare at you. you're so beautiful and momma just loves you so much it hurts! and daddy loves to bounce you on his belly. you just love this and it works like a charm when you are fussy and fighting sleep. you'll start to close your eyes and lean forward until you end up falling asleep on his chest. it's so cute!

sleeping angel

sadly you got your first shots on your two month birthday, which certainly bothered momma more than you. you screamed and cried but only for a minute, whereas mom stayed upset for a while. you're so tough! you were fussier than usual that day but you also slept more. besides the shots, everything went great at the doctor. you now weigh 12 pounds and 13 ounces (!!!) and are 23 inches long! you are growing so fast!

olivia, mom and dad love you so much! you are such a sweet baby and we feel so blessed to have you as our own! even though our days tend to feel exhausting, part of me wants to slow time down so i can enjoy you even more. time is just going by so fast! but it is also so exciting to see you changing each day. you are so fun!

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  1. Love hearing all the things that are going on and how much she is changing. She will love this record when she grows up.